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Aistear – March 2020

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Travel was the March Aistear theme.  We had a Travels Agent in Role Play and created holiday locations in Small World/Sand and Play Dough.  We constructed vehicles, in which to travel to our holiday destinations, in Construction.


Aistear – February

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Clothes was the February Aistear theme.  We had a Clothes Shop in Role Play and played with dolls in Small World.  We made clothes with play dough and the construction toys.


Aistear – January

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The Aistear theme for January was Machines/Electricity. We had an Appliance Shop in Role Play and constructed lots of machines using the bricks for the shop.  In small world we used the doll’s house and furniture to explore the things that use electricity.



Aistear – December

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The Aistear theme for December was Winter and Antarctica.  In role play and small world the children explored Antarctica.  In construction the children made vehicles to travel through the snow.  In play dough the children made Winter themed decorations.


Aistear – November

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School was the theme for Aistear in November. We had a school in role play where children pretended to be teachers and pupils. In construction and small world the children made classrooms.  In play dough we made school objects.


Aistear – October

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Halloween was the theme for Aistear in October. We had a Witch and Wizards Workshop in Role Play where the children made potions using yucky ingredients and practiced spooky spells. In Play Dough, the children made Halloween models such as pumpkins.  In Construction, the children created Haunted Houses and Mummy Coffins.


Aistear – September

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This month we had a dental surgery in the role play area and the children pretended to be dentists and patients.

Why choose Cloonloo National School?

  • Low pupil-teacher ratio – 1:1 teaching
  • DEIS School – This means extra grant to the school to subsidise school activities, outing and cost of books etc
  • Heavily subsidised books – total book cost is €25 which includes all books, copies, pencils, colours etc
  • Heavily subsidised school outings, tours
  • Free packed school lunches
  • Heavily subsidised swimming classes for all children
  • Teachers very accessible and available to talk to
  • Uniform – Very practical. White or blue t-shirt, navy or black trousers/tracksuit bottoms