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Biodiversity Day of Action 2020

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We had planned to participate in the 2020 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boyle.  The children, school staff and parents were going to dress up as animals/plants. The parents were going to carry Biodiversity signs and slogans created by the children. The children were going to perform a dance to the song “I’m still standing”.  However, due to Covid 19 the Parade was cancelled and we had to arrange an alternative Day of Action.


On Thursday 12th March 2020, we held our Day of Action in the school. We  carried out a Spring Clean in the school grounds and on the surrounding roads. The children and staff collected rubbish while also identifying local flora and fauna.  The children also did lots of planting on the day with the help of  school staff, a parent Ruth Dowd and the caretaker Chris Harrison. They planted flowers in flower pots – some was placed at the school entrance and some were placed on the Bug Hotel to attract insects such as bees and butterflies.  The children planted native wildflowers to create a Wildflower Garden. The children also planted some vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, broad beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, lettuce and  herbs such as mint, thyme, parsley and  lemon balm in the raised beds. We also purchased a small bee hive and placed it on the Bug Hotel.


Day of Action from Cloonloo School on Vimeo.


Incredible Edibles

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As part of the Incredible Edibles Project, the children planted a variety for fruits and vegetables such as strawberry plants and potatoes.


Native Shrub and Tree Planting

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As part of our Biodiversity Action Plan, we planted a variety of native trees and shrubs such as Rowan, Oak, Hazel, Blackthorn, Whitethorn, Dog Rose, Spindle and Beech. Thank you to Ms. Savage who ordered the trees and Chris and Mr. Hardiman who helped plant the trees.


Native Tree Planting from Cloonloo School on Vimeo.


Autumn Seed Planting

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The children collected berries, nuts and seeds on a nature walk in Hazelwood.  We planted them to see if they would grow.


Autumn Planting from Cloonloo School on Vimeo.


Planting 2019

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The children in the Senior Room enjoyed planting a variety of vegetables.



Raised Bed Planting 2016

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Ms. Savage helped the children plant vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and broccoli  in the raised beds.




Raised Bed Planting

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Claire came in to help the children plant lots of different vegetables and herbs.



Hanging Baskets

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The children in the Junior Room helped Mr. Heffernan plant flowers in the hanging baskets.


Raised Bed Planting 2012

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A big thank you to Claire Winters who came to the school on Tuesday 1st of May to help the children plant potatoes, carrots, turnips, lettuce and strawberries in the raised beds.





Flower Planting 2012

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As part of the Green School Programme, we had to make the school grounds more attractive.  We planted spring flowers and heather in a box at the gable of the school. We got some hanging baskets to brighten up the yard also.



Pot Planting 2011

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In Autumn we planted daffodil bulbs in three pots at the front of school to brighten up the yard and the school entrance. This Spring we could see the results with lovely daffodils blooming in each pot.




Why choose Cloonloo National School?

  • Low pupil-teacher ratio – 1:1 teaching
  • DEIS School – This means extra grant to the school to subsidise school activities, outing and cost of books etc
  • Heavily subsidised books – total book cost is €25 which includes all books, copies, pencils, colours etc
  • Heavily subsidised school outings, tours
  • Free packed school lunches
  • Heavily subsidised swimming classes for all children
  • Teachers very accessible and available to talk to
  • Uniform – Very practical. White or blue t-shirt, navy or black trousers/tracksuit bottoms