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Science Week

Science Week 2019

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We were exploring the theme of Materials and Change for Science Week this year.  We examined how materials changed when water was added.  We experimented to see if various materials were waterproof or not.  We examined what happens when oil is added to water and made some marble prints.  We also looked at the effects of heating and cooling on materials and made Rice Crispie Buns.



Science Week 2019 from Cloonloo School on Vimeo.


Science Week 2016

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We were exploring the theme of light for Science Week. We talked about different colours. We made a rainbow using a prism. We designed and made sunglasses. The children in First and Second class investigated transparent and opaque materials.


Science Week 2015

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The children in the Junior Room  were exploring materials for Science Week.  They investigated the effects of mixing, heating and cooling on materials.  They designed waterproof outfits and dressed dolls for cold climates.

The children in the Senior Room designed and made lighthouses.



Science Week 2014

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This week is Science Week.  The children in the Junior Room are learning about light.  They designed and make candle sticks with clay.  We experimented with materials to see if they were transparent or opaque.  We  made shadow puppets

The Senior Room made rockets, swirling snakes  and experimented with dancing raisins.



Science Week 2013

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Science Week is here again. The Junior Room have been learning about magnets.  They made fridge magnets.  The Senior Room were learning about forces and gravity.






Science Week 2011

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This year Science Week took place from the 13th to the 20th November.  To participate in the week all the children submerged themselves in scientific endeavours. The Junior Room designed and make waterproof shelters and experimented with mixing, heating and melting materials. The Senior Room made magnetic car and then had races using magnets.  The highlight of the week was using mixing, heating and cooling to make jelly, rice krispie buns and iced biscuits.  Our “Science Party” was a fitting end to a very productive and educational week!!!



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