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World Book Day

World Book Day 2020

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We all dressed up as characters from our favourite books for World Book Day. It was a great success.



World Book Day 2020 from Cloonloo School on Vimeo.


A Visit from the Author Gerry Boland

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We enjoyed a visit from the author and poet Gerry Boland as part of Book Week 2020.  He carried out writing workshops in the Junior and Senior rooms on the 2nd March.




World Book Day 2019

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We dressed up as characters from our favourite books for Wold Book Day.


Letter from Nick Sharratt

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For World Book Day on Thursday 6th March, the Junior and Senior Infants wrote a letter to Nick Sharratt.  Nick Sharratt is the author and illustrator of popular children books such as “Moo-Cow, Kung-Fu-Cow” and “Octopus Socktopus.” We had read these books in school and the children really enjoyed them so we decided to write our own book in the style of Nick Sharratt.  Our book was called “My Cat, Bat Cat” and can be seen on the school website.  We sent the book with our letter to Nick and he wrote back to us.  He sent the children an autographed postcard each and a poster for the school with this lovely letter.


World Book Day 2014

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We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 6th March.  We read and listened to lots of stories written and illustrated by Nick Sharratt.  We wrote a silly, funny story based on stories written by Nick Sharratt called “My Cat, Bat Cat”.  The children in Junior Infants and Senior Infants wrote a letter to Nick Sharratt.  The children in First Class wrote letters to Jill Murphy, author of the stories, “Peace at Last”, “Five Minutes Peace” and “The Worst Witch”.  We all played “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” based on fairy tales.  For homework the children had to read a book!!!

Here is our book “My Cat, Bat Cat”.




World Book Day 2012

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World Book Day took place on the 1st March.  To celebrate the day, each child in the school was given a book to keep. The children enjoyed reading their books.  They watched World Book Day events on the internet and played games based on stories.


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