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Active School

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St. Ronan’s N.S has started the initiative to promote more physical activity within our school community. Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative to promote more physical activity amongst school aged children. All children and young people require sixty minutes of physical activity each day*. Research has shown that physical activity in pupils promotes better concentration levels, fewer discipline issues and helps pupils achieve higher test results and enjoy school more.  Click here for more information.

Active School Flag Information Session-Primary - Welcome to Wexford  Education Centre, Ireland

Active School Committee

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Wellbeing and Physical Education

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The P.E. Curriculum

There are 6 strands in the P.E. curriculum: 

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • Aquatics

Every strand is covered each year from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

If you wish to take a look at the curriculum, it can be found on the NCCA website.


Physical Education is allocated 1 hour per week of overall teaching time. Additional time is given to frequent short movement breaks throughout the day.

School P.E. Plan

All teachers in our school are working off the same plan for the teaching of the Physical Education curriculum. Every six weeks , there is a focus on a different strand and on a different Fundamental Movement Skill. We use the PSSI lesson plans for the different strand. Click here to see the School P.E. Plan.

P.E. at Home

We encourage children to participate in physical activity at home and in the community.

Parents, please find below a range of resources you can use at home to further promote a active lifestyle.

P.E. Homework – Active Every Day

Beyond the Classroom – Skills Practice Videos

P.E. at Home

Supporting your Child’s PE

P.E. – Parent/Teacher Meetings

Each child’s development and progression in P.E. is discussed at the Parent/Teacher Meeting and ideas are provided on how parents can support their child’s physical literacy journey at home and in the community. P.E. is also given a dedicated section in the End of Year School Written Report.

Wellbeing and Inclusivity

We aim to create a happy, safe and secure environment, where members of our school community are healthy, active, enjoy learning, achieve their potential, respect and value each other and themselves.

As an educationally inclusive school the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of every young person matters.  We take into account pupils’ varied life experiences and needs, providing equal opportunities for all pupils, whatever their age, disability, race, religion or belief, gender / gender identity or socio-economic background, to ensure that every child really does matter.   

We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which success is celebrated and all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and able to participate fully in school life. We will tackle discrimination by the positive promotion of equality and the creation of an environment which champions respect for all.

Active School Week 2023

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Active Schools Week took place between 24th and 28th of April. Every day the children participated in an P.E. Activity and a Pupil Vs Teacher Challenge.

Monday – GAA Training

Tuesday – Yoga/Rounders and Skipping Challenge

Wednesday – Swimming and a Balancing Challenge

Thursday – Tennis and a Throwing Challenge

Friday – Orienteering and a Water Relay Challenge

At the end of the week it was a draw between the pupils and teachers so a head to head competition took place which the pupils won. 

Easter 2023

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The children participated in some Easter activities despite the wet weather. They Junior Room had some egg and spoon races and all the children participated in an Easter/Spring themed walk way challenge.

Feel Good Friday – January

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The children played lots of skipping games.

Feel Good Friday November 2022

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The children played Dodgeball.

Feel Good Friday Halloween

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On Friday 28th October St Ronan’s N.S celebrated a Halloween Feel Good Friday. We played lots of traditional Halloween games and tried out some new ones with our teachers and friends.

It was great fun trying to toss the ring on the witches hat. Balance an eye on the spoon for the ‘eye and spoon’ race. Race against our partner for ‘snatch the bat’ game. Try and catch our friends in ‘zombie tag’ without loosing our footing in the hula hoop. Find the skeleton bones hidden around the school grounds and complete all the activities on our Active School Walkway. After all our busy activities playing we had a well deserved break inside with some treats and a film.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Feel Good Friday September 2022

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The children played games and participated in relays to celebrate Feel Good Friday. They participated in a Hula Hoop Igloo building relay and a tangram picture building relay. They also played a bean bag throwing game and a ball balancing game. It was lots of fun!

Active School Committee 2022/2023

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Hanging Tough

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Feel Good Fridays Event for May was all about upper body strength and seeing who could hold onto the bars the longest! Check out how strong we are!

Let’s Get Active Challenge

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Cumann na mBunscol 2022

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Congratulations to our boys and girls teams who took part in Cumann na mBunscol 2022.

Below are some pictures of our day out at the Strandhill GAA Centre of Excellence on Thursday 26th May. 

The girls played Castlerock, Ballinlig and Keash. The boys played three teams also- Castlegal, Castelrock and Killavil. There was some great sportsmanship and skills shown from all the boys and girls representing St. Ronan’s N.S.

The boys successfully won one match even with an injured team member who could only use one hand!

The girls did really well also with some great saves, tackling and football skills on display. 

Well done all!

Bike and Scooter Training

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National Bike Week 2022 took place from the 14th to the 22nd May. Bike Week is a celebration and promotion of the benefits of cycling. As part of Bike Week, the children were invited to bring scooters, balance bikes or bikes to school for skills training with Ms. Savage.

Feel Good Friday Local Hero

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On Friday 7th May, we had a visit from an Olympic Athlete! 

Antonia Casey visited the school with her sister Nuala, to share her experience of participating in the Special Olympic Games in Shanghai, 2007. 

Antonia from Boyle, Co. Sligo qualified in the Belfast All Ireland Games of 2006 and secured her place to China for the following year where she succeeded in winning a silver medal in Golf.

The children really enjoyed her visit and looking at the photographs and newspaper clippings from her win. We also learned about the history of the Special Olympics by Eunice Kennedy Shriver over fifty years ago and its founding in Ireland in 1978.

Active School Week

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Our school took part in Active School Week from 03.05.22-06.05.22 for the first time this year. We had various coaches come in during the week to train us in different sports. We did dance with ‘Jiving Juniors’, Tennis with Fiona Parker from Boyle Tennis Club, Swimming Lessons with Carrick Leisure Centre, GAA training with Cian from Sligo GAA and Yoga with our very owned trained teacher Ms Savage.

Along with extra coaching this week we also took part in some fun challenges as a whole school against all the teachers!

Playground Stencils

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Please have a look at our new Playground Stencils, courtesy of a kind loan from Mayo Sports Partnership! We were lucky to have a week of dry, sunny weather so Ms. Savage set to work placing the new playground stencils around the yard. We now have two new circuit trails, hopscotch, maze and a numeracy snail trail!

Active School Running Challenge

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The whole school engaged in a four week long Running Challenge as per our Active School Flag initiative.

We took part in the Run Around Ireland Challenge from 14th March to 8th April and ran to many different landmarks and historical sites around Ireland.

The Senior Room are now able to run continuously for seven laps around the school and the Junior Room are able to run for four-six laps around the school.

Easter 2022

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On the day of the Easter Holidays we had an Easter Egg Hunt and played some Easter games such as egg rolling and egg and spoon races.

Active School Walkway

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On Wednesday 16th March the Junior and Senior Room conducted their first walk on the school grounds around our new Active School Walkway. The senior room had to name all the flags at each of the fourteen waymarks.There was a prize for the winning team who knew the countries of all the fourteen flags.

The Junior Room were busy following the trail trying to find all the letters at each waymark point. We all had great fun outdoors working together!

After School February Fun Friday

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For our February ‘FEEL GOOD FRIDAY’ event we played Tag Rugby in the Senior Room. First we practiced the skill of familiarising ourselves with holding a rugby ball. Next we practiced the skill of throwing and catching in groups, including how a pass can only be made backwards. The Junior Room had fun playing a tag game called Foxes and Rabbits. We can’t wait for our next  ‘FEEL GOOD FRIDAY’ event!

Game of the Week

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We had great fun playing Hurling with Mr Kenny this week. Mr Kenny has been kind enough to provide the hurling sticks and protective helmets for us to play with. We are learning how to gain possession, maintain possession,release possession and contest possession. 

Thank you Mr Kenny! 

January Fun Friday

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The children participated in a Chinese New Year Yoga Challenge.

Active School Code

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Game of the Week

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This week the children in the Junior Room were playing “Red Light, Green Light” and the children in the Senior Room were playing tennis.

Active School Santa Dash

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On Friday 17th December, we set off for our Santa Dash around the local area of Cloonloo. Everyone wore their Christmas Jumpers, Santa Hats and Reindeer Antlers, even the teachers! 

As we are a Green School, the Green School Committee suggested we should do some ‘Plogging, ’ a fitness trend that originated in Sweden.  Walk or run and pick up litter along the way!

In total we covered 2 km. 

We saw Donkeys and Horses en route, brushed up on our knowledge of Winter Flora and even collected 2 full bags of rubbish! 

 It was a great day, interspersed with spontaneous outbursts of  ‘Jingle Bells’ sung along the trail. 

Happy Christmas Everyone!

November Feel Good Friday

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As part of our Feel Good Friday we held an obstacle course event outside for the Junior and Senior room. Despite the rain and hail stones everyone managed to complete a full round or two of the course!

“Climb the Heights” Skipping Challenge

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Along with having ten minutes extra activity everyday, as part of our monthly challenge the senior Room decided to take on the ‘Climb the Heights’ Skipping Challenge. We skipped to the height of the world’s tallest mountains!

November Challenge – Dancing

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The Senior Room has been busy learning some great dance moves as part of our month-long increased activity challenge. 

November Challenge – Exercise Breaks

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The Junior Room were doing daily exercise breaks as part of our month long increased activity challenge. They did the exercise indoors when it was wet and outdoors when the weather was nice.

November Challenge – Running Laps

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All the children ran laps around the school to build up fitness.

Playground Games

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The Junior Room has been learning some new playground games.

Here we are playing ‘Shark Attack.” Watch out sailors!

Active School Halloween

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For our first Active School event we participated in ‘Feel Good Fridays’. As it was the last day before the midterm break we had some great fun organising some active Halloween games!

We started off the event with a Disco in the front yard. Requests for spooky,scary songs were taken by the Teachers and spot prizes were given for the most active dancers.

Next up it was some Halloween games. We had the ‘eye’ and spoon race, pumpkin toss, witch’s hat toss,tic tac toe and skeleton hunt. Inside activities were a mix of traditional and modern games.

All the children had lots of fun and got to burn off plenty of energy before the class party!

Why choose Cloonloo National School?

  • Low pupil-teacher ratio – 1:1 teaching
  • DEIS School – This means extra grant to the school to subsidise school activities, outing and cost of books etc
  • Heavily subsidised books – total book cost is €25 which includes all books, copies, pencils, colours etc
  • Heavily subsidised school outings, tours
  • Free packed school lunches
  • Heavily subsidised swimming classes for all children
  • Teachers very accessible and available to talk to
  • Uniform – Very practical. White or blue t-shirt, navy or black trousers/tracksuit bottoms