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Active School

St. Ronan’s N.S has started the initiative to promote more physical activity within our school community. Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative to promote more physical activity amongst school aged children. All children and young people require sixty minutes of physical activity each day*. Research has shown that physical activity in pupils promotes better concentration levels, fewer discipline issues and helps pupils achieve higher test results and enjoy school more.

Active School Code

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Game of the Week

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This week the children in the Junior Room were playing “Red Light, Green Light” and the children in the Senior Room were playing tennis.

Active School Santa Dash

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On Friday 17th December, we set off for our Santa Dash around the local area of Cloonloo. Everyone wore their Christmas Jumpers, Santa Hats and Reindeer Antlers, even the teachers! 

As we are a Green School, the Green School Committee suggested we should do some ‘Plogging, ’ a fitness trend that originated in Sweden.  Walk or run and pick up litter along the way!

In total we covered 2 km. 

We saw Donkeys and Horses en route, brushed up on our knowledge of Winter Flora and even collected 2 full bags of rubbish! 

 It was a great day, interspersed with spontaneous outbursts of  ‘Jingle Bells’ sung along the trail. 

Happy Christmas Everyone!

November Feel Good Friday

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As part of our Feel Good Friday we held an obstacle course event outside for the Junior and Senior room. Despite the rain and hail stones everyone managed to complete a full round or two of the course!

“Climb the Heights” Skipping Challenge

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Along with having ten minutes extra activity everyday, as part of our monthly challenge the senior Room decided to take on the ‘Climb the Heights’ Skipping Challenge. We skipped to the height of the world’s tallest mountains!

November Challenge – Dancing

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The Senior Room has been busy learning some great dance moves as part of our month-long increased activity challenge. 

November Challenge – Exercise Breaks

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The Junior Room were doing daily exercise breaks as part of our month long increased activity challenge. They did the exercise indoors when it was wet and outdoors when the weather was nice.

November Challenge – Running Laps

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All the children ran laps around the school to build up fitness.

Playground Games

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The Junior Room has been learning some new playground games.

Here we are playing ‘Shark Attack.” Watch out sailors!

Active School Halloween

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For our first Active School event we participated in ‘Feel Good Fridays’. As it was the last day before the midterm break we had some great fun organising some active Halloween games!

We started off the event with a Disco in the front yard. Requests for spooky,scary songs were taken by the Teachers and spot prizes were given for the most active dancers.

Next up it was some Halloween games. We had the ‘eye’ and spoon race, pumpkin toss, witch’s hat toss,tic tac toe and skeleton hunt. Inside activities were a mix of traditional and modern games.

All the children had lots of fun and got to burn off plenty of energy before the class party!

Why choose Cloonloo National School?

  • Low pupil-teacher ratio – 1:1 teaching
  • DEIS School – This means extra grant to the school to subsidise school activities, outing and cost of books etc
  • Heavily subsidised books – total book cost is €25 which includes all books, copies, pencils, colours etc
  • Heavily subsidised school outings, tours
  • Free packed school lunches
  • Heavily subsidised swimming classes for all children
  • Teachers very accessible and available to talk to
  • Uniform – Very practical. White or blue t-shirt, navy or black trousers/tracksuit bottoms