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The Arigna Mines & Windmill Farm 2012

We went to the Arigna Mines on Tuesday 29th of May. It took us around 40 to 50 minutes to get there.  It was a long trip.  When we got there we watched a video of the men working in the mine.  After the video we got a tour round the mine. We saw water that had tons of iron in it.  We saw lots of tools in the mine.  Our favourite part of the tour was the explosion, the way the light flashed and the scary explosion noises.  We went to the wind farm too. The German windmills and the Spanish windmills are 60 metres high.  We enjoyed our tour to Arigna Mine and the wind farm.

By Diarmuid Dowd




A day ago we went to the Arigna Mines. We had a tour guide in the mine.  It was dark but lights were on.  We saw a video of all the men working.  They had to go through the narrow shafts. The mine was in Iron Mountain.  We saw water with iron in it.  We made all the lights go off and when we did, it made an explosion noise. How we did it was by pushing down a detonator. We had to wear hard hats for falling rocks. After that we went to the gift shop.  Then we went to the wind farm.We saw wind turbines. They were 60m high.  There were 90 of them altogether.  There were German ones and Spanish ones.

By Darragh Porter Winters



We all went to Arigna Mines yesterday.  We went on the bus.  We got out an hour later.  We had to wear hard hats in case of an accident.  The tour guide used to be a worker in the mines but it was not Arigna Mine. We saw a wall of coal.  A few minutes later we went into the shafts.  We saw some water that was full of iron.  We saw a motor that was for pulling the coal trucks.  We all went up into a small corner. We saw a detonator.  The tour guide said “Do you want to blow something up?”. Everyone said yes and everyone got a go.  The lights went out and there was a loud sound.  There were a lot of strange rocks.  Then we went to the wind farm and we saw massive wind turbines.  They were 60m high. There were 90 of them.  There were German ones and Spanish ones.

By Cáel McDonagh



We got everything packed up, then we went to Arigna in a bus.  First we went to Arigna Mines.  We looked at some mining tools.  Then we watched a film of people mining.  After we met a lady.  She gave us hair nets and hard hats.  We saw a digger.  Then a man brought us around the mine.  First he showed us a hole that a miner had to squeeze through.  Then we saw the air drill.  It was very heavy.  Then the tour guide let us blow up the wall.  When we did it, the lights went off. Then we saw “Santa’s House”.  We went to the gift shop.  We had lunch.  Then we saw the windmills. The German and Spanish ones were 60m tall.  There were 90 of them.  Then we went home.

By Aaron Queenan



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